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Extending Looping time significantly?


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Hi everybody.

I would dearly like to know how if at all possible, to increase the time substantially for the looper on the Spider V 240?

I'm thinking perhaps a card or flash alternative treatment. Increasing a card or hardware in the amplifier. 


Failing that being possible...I'd buy this product again if the looping was greatly increased for professional usage. 


Thank you sincerely folks.


Play and be happy.   :) 

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On 4/21/2021 at 11:39 PM, phil_m said:

No, it’s not possible... What sort of looping time are you looking for?

Hi Phil_m

Thank you for your time in answering my question...I appreciate that.


Well, I would like at least 100% extra looping time if at all possible as it really doesn't cut it on doing any simple songs of Verse and Chorus.


Another very sad situation unrelated is the relay G1O. Woeful length of time now after the update.  :(


Thanks again Phil_m 

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