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Please Help! Need 2.03 Syx


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If you just want to get it updated to the latest Line6 made avaliable for your amp then you might want to get yourself an Uno USB/Midi cable and let the Line 6 monkey update your amp. From what I've read any other cable may not work and they recommend only the Uno cable. Its cheap enough if you don't already have one.


This will of course erase any custom patches you have stored in the amp and replace them with the facotry stuff so save them to your computer if you want to hang on to them.  


Here's a Line 6 tutorial for the update procedure using their monkey. I don't know why they call it that. 




I am trying to update my old Vetta Hd to Vetta II. I am currently running 2.01 and cannot find 2.03. Can anyone help?


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Thanks to sliding_billy i should be all set sometime tonight. He has 2.03 and 2.5

I have midi-ox and a maudio uno ready and waiting for the .syx files.


Thanks for the link to the update procedure- that helps too!    

Just a word or caution.


The update procedure using their monkey will only get you 2.5 the latest, nothing earlier. If it's something earlier you want then don't use the monkey do it, you'll have to use the edit program to do it manually.


I just want to be very clear so you aren't disappointed. .

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