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Can Helix toe switch bypass control an effect and still enable wah?


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I want to hit the toe switch to engage the wah and boost simultaneously.  I know the foot switches can do this, but when I attempt to assign exp1 toe switch, it also is using the position of the expression pedal to engage the boost.  So when I hit the toe switch, the wah and boost come on, but then as I rock the position on exp1, it disengages the boos at whatever position is set in the bypass menu.  I want it to ignore position and only activate with the toe switch.  I'm using an eq to create the boost.



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Yes, you can do that. You just need to remove the control assignment for the Position parameter for the Gain block (I’m assuming that’s what you’re referring to as a boost because it comes in with the Position parameter tied to EXP1 by default). Just push down on the knob for Position and you’ll be taken to the controller assign menu. Instead of EXP1, just select None for the controller assignment.


One other thing I’d mention is that you can boost up to 6dB in the wah block itself by simply increasing the Level parameter.

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