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I have a problem with a Line6 PODHD300 pedal board


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I have a Problem with a Line6 PODHD300 pedalboard, I connect it and connect the Guitar and it takes time to give Full sound, it gives sound of the strings little by little ... And then after 15 minutes it sounds as it should be ... Help Please
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Hard to be sure, but to me that sounds like a problem with the hardware: perhaps a faulty internal connection or solder joint that is making a firmer connection as it warms up, or a component like a capacitor that is dying.


Do you have a Line 6 service agent where you live? Unfortunately paying to fix something like that might not be cheap and it might be more economical to replace the unit with a more modern one, perhaps a used model. Depending on where you live you might be able to find a general electronics repair person who could investigate.


If you have an ability to work on electronics you could investigate yourself, but you have to know how to not electrocute yourself or the Pod to look internally.


A simple suggestion that does not need the Pod to be opened would be to gently waggle your input jack and output connections in different directions and see if you can get the sound to cut out or come in if you apply gentle pressure at different angles. If you can then you are likely to have a broken solder joint where the connector meets the motherboard.


Or, maybe just turn it on 15 mins before you need to use it. It might work that way for a good while and you can save up for another one  :-)


Someone else may have better suggestions, but those are my initial thoughts.



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Maybe the following linked thread

and specific post

could be useful for your issue



All about POD HD500/X

help and useful tips

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