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FBV Wireless?

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So the ideas pretty basic, I'm looking to see if I can make my FBV wireless.   I would think that I could just use a wireless router like a would on my computer, have a couple and storage.  Anybody done this?


I don't wanna just go plug something in common jumping into it with both feet and end up damaging my am and/or footboard

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Uhh, no!  The FBV pedals do not have wireless capability.  They require power from the device they are plugged into (via the Cat5 cable).  And whatever you are using the FBV (which one?)  with doesn't have wireless ability either.

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I figure that would be an issue. I was thinking I could rig up a small battery source  Or a small AC-DC adaprer on other side of the Room... Was just trying to reduce cables, not really a big deal.

I'm running an FBV MK2, HD100 head,

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