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FBV3 outside ??

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I play a summer gig outside .... unlike the FBV2 with it's yellow display, the FVB3 is virtually impossible to read in any kind of bright daylight or worst case, sunlight. Absolutely horrible. Nobody in the design phase could have checked this out??? I might have to go back down to the FVB2 for this gig, alhough I am trying to figure out some kind of a "hood" I can make to provide shade over the display and switches. It is even difficult to tell the difference between engaged and non engaged switches? Even here, the FBV2 is better with it's red switch lights. Has anyone else experienced this frustration with the FBV3 when used outside ????

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It is literally like NO ONE on the design team thought to try it outside before production? It is completely unreadable. The FBV2 with it's yellow display and red lights for switch activation is significantly better outside (meaning it is usable) than the FVB3. We play in a bit of shade outside so I can mostly make out the details on the FBV3 but in direct sunlight you wouldn't be able to discern anything. You wouldn't even be able to tell if it is on? I would invite any of the readers of this post who have an FBV3 to take it outside on a bright day and see what we are talking about.

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