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Helix IR Issue


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Hello All,


Just purchased Ownhammer Ir bundle


Helix is telling me:


HX Edit was unable to import this IR because the required license was not found.

The following product packs are available for purchase from Helix Marketplace:

* 65140




What license? 


I purchase, I import, I rock out!

License? We don't need no stinking license!......or do I?  hmmmm

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If you bought in the Line6 marketplace they probably have DRM attached (if it's an *.hir file) , and there should send an email with information on registering, logging in the HX edit, and importing.  (I did this mistake once by mistake - I should have bought directly from vendor instead of using the marketplace so wouldn't have to worry about drm).


IF you bought directly from Ownhammer the file types will just be *.wav and there shouldn't be issue when importing, but given your situation I'm guessing the file types are *.hir and require extra action to register.


Hope this helps. 

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