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Amplifi iPad App cannot see music files on iPad


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The AMPLIFi app only sees music in the Music app library, I believe. You don’t have to be a paid subscriber to Apple Music, but you have to at least have your files in its library.

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On 7/18/2021 at 1:48 AM, raylinds said:

I downloaded Mp3 files from the cloud to my iPad.  I can see them when I look in the iPad file folder , but they don't show up in the Amplifi app when I click on Play My Music.  I have not subscribed to the Apple Music app.



The Amplifi app is looking at the library for the native Apple "Music" app. It's the app that you sync with iTunes. One thing to be aware of is that if you're using iTunes Match, you may see a lot of songs in your library in the Music app, but if those songs aren't actually downloaded onto your device, the Amplifi app won't be able to play them or do automatic tone matching with them.

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You will have to make sure this things: 

Check if the music files are stored in a location that is accessible by the Amplifi app.
Restart the iPad and the Amplifi app to clear any temporary glitches.
Ensure that the iPad is connected to a stable internet connection.
Check if the music files are in a compatible format supported by the Amplifi app.
Update the Amplifi app to the latest version.
If all else fails, uninstall and reinstall the Amplifi app.

Check once with this steps if this works for you. ManageMyHealth App

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