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Replacement G50 antenna??


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As the title says. Damaged an antenna and it seems to cut my range significantly. I see a lot of similar antennas on the market in the 10-20 dollar a pair range. Are they all the same so long as they’re BNC connectors??? 

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Ah bummer! 


They can also be found on amazon by searching: "Pair Half Wavelength Antennas with BNC Connectors for Line 6 Wireless Receivers", free shipping with Prime. 

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On 7/19/2021 at 1:38 PM, NBell said:

Hi Joeydego, 


I recommend using the stock antennas for optimal performance as they were designed to be used specifically with the G50 digital wireless system. These can be found on our web-store here:




So I received these today. They appear considerably longer than the originals. No issues there? Better reception??? 

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