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Constant high pitch tone. Is my standard broken?


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One fine day something happened and when i turn on modelling my guitar produces constant high pitched tone. strings can still be heard but loud noise gonna sound over every sound and will go on until i turn modelling off. in a normal guitar mode no noise happening. how do i deal with this malfunction? i live in indonesia so there's no line 6 service centers here. i hope i can fix that issue by myself. help!

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If it only occurs while the note is playing, then more than likely it is the guitar set-up. Either the tuning, intonation or pick-up height adjustment.


If the noise is always there in the background, even with no note sounding, then more than likely there is a loose ground lead in the audio circuit.

This would need to be taken to your nearest Line 6 authorized technician for servicing.


Link to find the service center near you.



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