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Variax 1/4" output crackling and dropping out when using TRS cable

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Discovered the actual problem--I had  cranked the retaining nut on the plug receptacle really, really tight. I hate it when the nut gets loose on my guitars and the plug wobbles around.


Well I apparently cranked it so tight that the tip end extended beyond the contact! I put a tiny washer (1/16th of an inch) over the plug to keep it from going so far in. Problem solved. No crackles or drop outs.


Glad I didn't replace the socket. All is well.





My James Tyler Variax has worked well (love it!) until recently. I use it almost exclusively with the power module and a TRS cable. 


Lately, the sound  has been crackling and dropping out occasionally. Jiggling the cable near the socket creates and fixes the problem--until it happens again.


I took the plug socket out and saw that it had three separate contacts (I think the ring provides the power). I used a small screwdriver to push the contact pieces further into their static positions, and the problem was resolved...until it started again. 


Is this metal fatigue in the contact points? In other words, does the entire three point switch need to be replaced? I've seen replacement switches advertised (Fender three point amplifier switch?), but this would require soldering it onto the circuit board, I believe? And I'm not comfortable doing that. I don't have any service centers in my state (Maine). The nearest one is more than a hundred miles away. 


Suggestions? Am I understanding this correctly?




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Solved the problem.
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There are two, Dover and Manchester, New Hampshire. They service guitars and can consult me if they want.

Fender switch won't work. These are made specific for use in Variax guitars only.


Log a Support ticket in your account, they can inform you of your options.


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