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No modelling


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I have a Variax Std. just recharged the battery and cannot turn on the modelling. tried connecting to computer - guitar not connecting. 

The battery is showing charged (string lights on rear) - but the 'modelling switch' does not turn on. 

pick ups work fine - the modelling does work - either as stand alone or via computer. 


Any suggestions


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Not turning on Models using battery and 1/4",...

1- Use a guitar with a TRS plug, it's an active circuit guitar.

2- Could be the 1/4" jack in the jack plate, that would require a trip to the service center.

3- Could be a problem with the battery compartment power circuit, intermittent solder point sending a false "low battery" signal to the main board, in spite of all the LED's on the indicator.

That too would require a trip to the service center.



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