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Is It Possible To Connect A Microphone To Sonic Port?

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Hello guys!


I'm interested in this nice product, but still have a question about the input of Sonic Port. As I can connect with a electric guitar/ acoustic guitar with pickup/ or a synth, but is it possible to use a microphone with it? I think on the item site, line6 doesn't mention it. Just wonder if anyone knows that :)


Thank you all!

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Hey ZhengS,


 As long as your plugging into the Sonic port via 1/4" you can plug literally anything into sonic port. With Sonicport running at 24-bit, recording into your iDevice with a mic will give you great results.

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Yes it works...My friend is recording some tracks on his PC right now..convert XLR male out of microphone to 1/4 male and run in the guitar in 1/4.. or convert the female XLR  end to male 1/4 or if it is a small mic with a 3.5 mm run it into the  3.5 in port...

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