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Using HX Stomp with Synergy Syn1 Preamp


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Is what I am trying to do possible? I tried searching the forums, YouTube, and multiple Net Search Engines but all I come up with is this config with the Helix, which uses outputs that the HX Stomp doesn't have.



I want to use the HX Stomp's effects and cab sims with the Synergy Syn1 preamp into my DAW for at home play/recording. I am using the Stomp as my live rig for bass direct to FOH, so I am getting the full use out of it there. Is this possible? If so, any info on cabling/routing to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated. 

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Yes.  You would likely usethe HX effects loop connections and block in place of an HX amp model.


Youl won't be able to switch channels on the SYN1 with HX Stomp without a MIDI controller  switching device.


I was actually considering a SYN2 with my HX Stomp XL since it was midi switchable.

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