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Spider IV 75 & 150 _ Standard Line 6 FACTORY PRESET BUNDLES for FIRMWARE 2.0


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I need the LINKS to the "Standard Line 6 FACTORY PRESET BUNDLES" (.s4b files) for the "FIRMWARE 2.0", for both the "Spider IV 75" and the "Spider IV 150".
Some of the effects aren't working properly (although they worked fine under original Firmware 1.04, on both my Spider IV amps), and Line 6 should definitely provide "FACTORY BUNDLES" (.s4b files) to reset the "Spider IV 75" and the "Spider IV 150" to FACTORY after update to "Firmware 2.0". Such BUNDLE files are actually less than 10Kb (like less "weight" than a small text file).

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Here is all the Firmwares I downloaded  for the Line 6 Spider   IV 75  amp.

Hope this  Helps 

The firmware for the Line 6 IV amp  On Line6.com  Downloads is there but in order to show all previous Installs Before Firmware 2.0 you have to select windows XP .

Then it shows all the previous versions.


Spider4_75_1.01.spf Spider4_75_1.02.0.spf Spider4_75_1.04.spf Spider4_75_1.52.spf Spider4_75_2.00.spf

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Spider IV 75   I know this is an old amp but Many people still have it . and  No Line 6 Support.

Please Note! This is a article  found online .  Does anyone know anything more on this . 



This is what I found Online.


 I  There is a HUGE BUG with the Firmware 2.0 for the Spider IV 75.
If you try to restore the "Factory Presets" using the method by powering the
amp off, then pressing and holding the "A" button, then powering the amp
again, and waiting for the screen to ask you to confirm the reset of the "Factory
Presets", then you're going to make a MESS with the IQ of your amp. It simply
doesn't work at all ... the result is a HUGE NOISE for each and every preset
and for each and every amp setting.
The only way to go is to 1st make a safeguard on your computer of your
personal preset bundle under Firmware 2.0. Then you must install the old
Firmware 1.01 (or the last Firmware under which the reset method worked
without trouble), then you can SAFELY use the reset method (power on while
pressing "A" button), and then you must install the Firmwares back to version
2.0. In the end you wind up with your amp loaded with the Factory Presets
running under Firmware 2.0, and you can finally make a safeguard of that
Factory Presets Bundle on your computer.
Either Line 6 decides to update the Spider IV Firmware (like a version 2.01) to
include a FULL FUNCTIONAL RESET PROCEDURE, or you need to go back
to the last Firmware under which the reset method was still working fine.



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