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Spider IV 75 guitar jack part?


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Hey there!  I have a Spider IV 75 and I am in need of the guitar jack, 


Line 6 50-02-0071,Input PCB Assembly for Spider IV Series


However, looking online and even on Line 6 website, this part is no longer available. Anyone know if there is an after market for the part at all? 

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Hmmm,... thought there still might be some of those left, I guess not then.

Or get a used one from eBay and pull the part from that, is what some do in this case.


It's a 12 to 14 year old product. Run of of parts must've been a recent thing.



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Yeah, the used amps run about 140 dollars..  140 for a 12 dollar part?  yikes.


thing is I don't need the whole part really..  I just need the metal part that screws into the PCB assembly. (Just the piece that the jack plugs into - the silver/metal screw) If I can find that piece to the part, I would be good.

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Same exact story. Same amp model, wattage .. everything. Exactly the same problem, November 10th of 2021.

Took it to the "Ace of Aces" here in Detroit, Michigan for anything guitar amplifier related. Everybody talks about him, there's YouTube videos on the guy, the man is a legend. He worked on Bob Seger's amplifiers for all his bands, Glenn Frey actually WORKED at this place before heading to L.A. (just as a counter kid, I guess). Alice Cooper swears by the guy (on video not just a document) Iggy Pop .. all the Detroit rockers talk about him. 

I've been on the radio for 27 years. Yes, it's my real name.

I walked through the door with this Line 6 Spider IV 120 and the guy goes .. and I quote:|

"Get that  piece of **** out of here. No. No way. Let me guess ... just one guess ... THE MAIN INPUT BROKE ... right?"

So, I didn't say a word, didn't want to embarrass myself carrying that brand of amp in there for repair, just turned around and threw it in the trunk.

Line 6 Spider IV 75w and up are now officially paperweights.

Full Compass  WILL NOT be restocking the guitar input and we see the attitude of our friendly Line 6 rep right here in this thread.

Well, I can tell ya, Mr. Sarkissian ... you took a MAJOR, MAJOR hit in reputation points with this fine mess. You screwed us. And hard.

And you don't care.

And a lot of really major people took notice.

And you're gonna have to try to do business in this environment with a reputation like that.

I'd be sending out resumes.

Because the way that guy talked, Line 6  ... is a dead issue.

It's over.

It's just a punchline for all the other guitar amplifier companies.



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On 11/10/2021 at 12:38 PM, psarkissian said:

There are two authorized service centers in the Detroit area, Allen Park and Madison Heights.




Yes, that was the first logical move. Both told me: we can't get the part. I do personal appearances with on-air broadcasts with incredible benevolence in technical matters from the Madison Heights "authorized service center" (they are the authorized service center of  ..... pretty much anything that plugs in to the wall .. ) .. and their frankness with me concerning their .. first *-SHOCK-* then languishing month after month in to .. comedy, a joke ... a farce .. that is Line 6's technical support of "authorized service centers" ("Dave, I kid you not, my friend .. it's .. the MAIN GUITAR JACK .. OF THEIR PREVIOUS FLAGSHIP .. not 70 years ago .. their previous model ... and it's THE MAIN *****AMN INPUT .. and they don't have any. And neither does anybody else. Anywhere. Throw the thing in the trash. It's a piece of .. " Well, there's your authorized service center's opinion. And they make a pretty good point.


I like Line 6. I like the sound. I used to think of them like .. Jaguar .. they aren't Ferrari (Marshall) or Lamborghini (Fender) ... but I enjoy that they cost far too much and are intensely unreliable. It makes me remember my ex-wife.

So, I went outside of the envelope .. and used all the resources that an on-air rock disc jockey has ... and took it to a place .. that is .. 


And I Mean Nobody's

"authorized service center"

And should you bring up such nonsense in conversation, you'd be asked to leave.

I was told to leave because I had a Line 6 in my hand.

That's the current state of your authorized service centers and intensely qualified "could probably invent your company on a Saturday afternoon" rock tech experts with decades of experience.

That's what this issue has done for you and done to you.

IT"S THE PLACE YOU PLUG IN YOUR GUITAR. I mean, my God, man. You have to, at least, understand what we feel when it's something like .. *THAT*.

Issues happen, sure. But it's with ... the transmission bearing in a Porsche .. or something similarly obscure. 

What we're talking about is .. you won't make anymore .. and there are none to be had  ANY PLACE (source: authorized service center).

It's the place we plug in.

It's faulty.

Look across the web. 

It's everywhere.

But evidently .. .you don't see it.

Because :

A.) You don't want to

B.) You do see it and you are just a guy on a forum

If it's B .. at least you can understand our frustration.

But hey .. it's invaluable for me, personally. During any interview with any significant artist live on the air, I can always have the go-to line in my pocket:

"Yeah, he's like a Line 6 Amplifier. Defective Main Input."

And the audience and the person being interviewed can all laugh and feel like they are in on the joke.

You are the joke.

Never argue with a disc jockey. We speak professionally for a living.


We'll take either side of the discussion and beat you about the face and neck with it.

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