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Helix floor “big volume knob” control Powercab volume?


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Hi all


I am one gig down with the 212 Powercab and very happy so far


i am still tweaking preset/snapshot levels in the Helix and wondered if the there was a way (using L6 Link) to control the Powercab output volume?


I need to turn up slightly during a song and had the Helix Floor volume at max - so the only way to turn up was to get to the Powercab volume knob (which was awkward in a small space as the cab was behind the drums and it was during a song)


i doubt it is possible as it would obviously get the levels “out of sync” with the actual volume control on the PC


Should I set the volume on the Helix at 75% during soundcheck to give me somewhere to go if I need to quickly globally turn up? - will this affect the tone if I am set to keep the input indicators yellow at full Helix volume?


Any recommendations for the best approach from those gigging with the Powercab?

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The problem with using the BIG KNOB for on-the-fly- volume changes is that the level at the Powercab's INPUT is what you're using the LED to set. It also affects the XLR Out level if that's what you're using for FOH. That will make your sound guy unhappy.


Run a MIDI cable to the Powercab. In CommandCenter, set one of your Expression Pedals to send CC#7. That will control the Powercab Output same as turning the Powercab Volume knob, and no affect on FOH from the XLRs.

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