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POD XT PRO (Bass) outputs "model" signal on DI too

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I don't know what's going on with my Pod Bass Pro XT the outputs are messed up.

I didn't use it for a long time and I can't get DI and Model outputs on their dedicated plug (both XLR and jacks).

I only have the model signal on both.


I tried everything from changing the studio mode to bi-amp etc but it doesn't change anything. I also factory reset, it didn't work.

It's like it's stuck on "headphones on" mode even without them plugged in. I put some contact cleaner in the phone jack as well in case there were a switch stuck but same thing, no fix.

I think it's more on the software side.


Do you know how to fix this issue and have the 2 different signals on the DI and Model outputs?


Thanks a lot in advance!



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I don't own one of these, but looking at the manual, maybe this will help: 


BI-AMP: When Bi-Amp Mode is activated on the "Bi-Amp Setup" TUNER/SYSTEM page , the 1/4-inch outs are both sent a frequency-split version of the Model signal. The effect loop is also fed the frequency-split signal in the Bass PODxt, so you can effect each frequency range separately. The XLR outs take their signal just after the DI>MDL mix, before the frequency-split and loop send, so their signal is normal (no frequency spilt, Model and D.I. signals are both available at their jacks as usual), except that the effect loop is not applied to the XLR outs in this mode.


I/O & Dig Select - Press this to tell your Bass PODxt Pro what it’s connected to so it gives the best sound, and to choose digital audio and other options. • Press it once to select where you’re going to connect your input source to the Bass PODxt Pro, and exactly what you want to come out of the digital outputs. • Press it a second time to tell Bass PODxt Pro whether you’re using it in the studio or live, how you have connected your effects loop and what kind of digital gear you have connected to Bass PODxt Pro. • Press it a third time to access the options for Bass PODxt Pro’s Bi-Amp mode. • A fourth press will dismiss the pages and take you back to whatever was in the display before you pressed the button.



When Bi-Amp Mode is enabled, the low frequency portion of your signal is sent out the D.I. jack, while the high frequency portion goes out the Model jack, so each jack can be connected to a separate power amp and speaker cabinet(s) to separately amplify your lows versus your highs


Balanced Analog Out - The I/O & DIG SELECT button display “pages” configure these outputs for Studio or Live Use. In Studio Mode, they’re ready to plug into a recorder with balanced +4 dBu inputs. In Live Mode, they’re ready to send great sounding –10dBV signals to the house sound system or P.A. The front panel Output knob does not affect the volume at these jacks in Live Mode. This lets you make onstage adjustments to your volume without affecting the P.A.’s levels.


Good luck!

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I got it working properly back to normal.

It happens that when the USB cable is plugged into the POD, both outputs are giving the "model" signal.

Just unplug the USB and you're good to go with both analog outputs, unless you use the pod as an USB audio interface.

In the latest scenario, DI is on USB Left and Model is on USB right.


AUTO-MERGE: When headphones or USB are connected, only the Model signal path is output, sent to both Model & D.I. output jacks as well the headphone jack and both effects send jacks.

When a cable is connected to one 1/4-inch output (Model or D.I.) of the Bass PODxt Pro and not the other, both effect send outputs will be sent the signal for the connected jack.

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