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FBV3 with VST in Cubase


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Hi All,


Just Bought a New PowerCab 112 Plus With FBV3 Controller..

in the shop the seller told me that i can use the controller without a problem with VST Plugins and such..

the bottom line it's not working at all ! i'm confused ! i connected the USB Port and it recognized by windows & Cubase. 

i download the FBV Control Software and see that the controller is recognized over there also..


so what the hell is the problem? and why can't i use the FBV3 with Guitar Rig \ Amplitube \ BIAS FX2 \ Native Helix ?!? 


None of them is working, not as Plugins inside the Cubase and not as stand alone softwares... 


Maybe someone can help ?


there is no information over the web.. i googled it before i create this post.. 

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You can create MIDI assignments on the FBV3 controller and have those control different things in your plug-ins, but none of that is automatic. You’ll need to see how to go about it for each one. It’s not necessarily complicated, but if you haven’t used MIDI before, there’s going to be a learning curve.

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