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POD XT LCD Screen Toast?

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Hi There Everyone,


Looking for some feedback from those that have had LCD issues. My screen looks like it has a big splash in it, like when you splash liquid on a surface. This area is a bright orange making the screen unreadable except for a very faint portion in the top left portion. It was fine the last time I used it and when I turned it on now this is how it looked. I imagine there really isn't much in the way of a fix or a hack to get the screen back to the way it was and if there is a fix it probably isn't worth fixing. I'm using GEARBOX to create patches and have a FBV Shortboard MKII.


If any of you have had this issue let me know.



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You may want to try this: 


Q: How to resolve a blank screen on a PODxt LIVE
A: If you are getting a blank screen on your PODxt LIVE please try the Edit Buffer Initialization with the following steps:


1. Turn off the POD
2. Turn on the POD while holding down the Save and Edit buttons simultaneously
3. The POD's LCD screen should display Init Edit Buffer
4. Push the Output mode button
5. Turn the Select / Select Page knob one click to the right
6. Turn the Effect Tweak / Change Value knob to the left or right adjusting the contrast.



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