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Chad Huskey Patch/Presets

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Totally newb here and an old fart, so be nice! lol I've tried searching for this topic, but couldn't find anything (probably a shortcoming on my part). Recently bought the Chad Huskey Patch/Presets bundle. My understanding (which may be totally wrong) was that there is two separate pieces of software here. One that would simply tweak and equalize the volume of all pre-existing settings (what I wanted) and a second bundle that does what the first does, but also completely revamps the existing custom settings (all electric guitar modeling). Since I like the present set-up, I wanted the first option--simply a tweak of the existing set-up, so that I can switch on the fly without worrying about a ton of lost or found gain. Did I misunderstand what this bundle was offering, because the only option I seem to have is the new-custom set-up as opposed to the default tweak? Thanks much for any help.

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I edited my initial inquiry, since it wasn't clear what I was asking (such a newb!!). As far as I can tell, there is only the one bundle that can be downloaded, so I'm confused. The one that comes up is the one with the edited custom settings. There doesn't seem to be any way to access the tweaked default, so if anyone can guide me to that, I'd be VERY appreciative! Sorry about the initial post. 

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Go to the Line 6 Downloads page, find your guitar select Workbench HD,

select your computer OS and you're in. Once Workbench HD is on your computer,

connect with the Variax Interface device and custom patch or tweak default all you want. HD Pilot 


... the manual, for fine points on using Workbench HD.




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