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Helix LT delay questions - Newbie


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Hey thanks in advance for your responses.

I'm a new Helix LT user.  As of now, I'm using the 4 cm with my favorite amp.  I believe that I've gotten 6 out of 8 Snapshots stored for my usual tones.

The #2 solo snapshots has a faster delay with a touch of chorus and custom volume boost from the output setting.  #3 snapshot is a longer delay with same settings otherwise.

Screenshot 2>For the delay, I know that by pressing the small black knobs just under the screen gives you white brackets to make the delay time setting to be different than the 3 snapshot.   

But what do I do if I need to also adjust the mix of the delay effect per snapshot?  I've tried a few things and it seems to not allow me to edit the mix differently, it affects the delay for all the snapshots.  I can edit the delay time but can't do delay time plus the mix or another setting.  What's the work around for that?

One other thing, I've set all the wet effects: Delay, Reverb to "Trail off" when done with the solos so the delay can carry over when jumping back to dry setting for rhythm.  I only hear a small part of the trailing when I switch over though.  If I exaggerate the delay level, then it's too much for that solo snapshot.  

How do I increase the Trail off without messing up the solo snapshot delay level?


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You should be able to assign both the delay time and mix to the Snapshot controller. It sounds like the mix parameter has not been assigned. Does it also have the white brackets around it? It should. If you truly can’t assign it to the Snapshot controller that may mean that you have already reached the maximum number of parameters that can be assigned to Snapshots within a preset. That number is 64 and I’ve never seen it reached.


The Trails On/Off parameter is a fixed switch. The trails are either on or off at any time. The term ‘Trails off’ does not mean there is an adjustable time parameter during which the sound ‘trails off’. It means that the entire Delay sound, as configured, is allowed to continue rather than be abruptly cut off.

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The "Mix" knob of the delay does not have the white brackets around it.  I've pressed it, but no brackets.  Only brackets on the delay time show it.  I tried it, no luck.  This is what I need though.

Since I'm new at this device, I doubt that I've reach a max of anything.

As mentioned, I hear a trail off, but it's very slight so I guess that's working.


My set up for snap shots goes like this:

Guitar> Volume>Compressor>Overdrive>Noise Gate>Reverb>Delay1>Delay2>Flange>Chorus.  Everything after the Noise Gate gets turned on/off with specific Snapshot #.

Snap 1:Rhythm tone crunch with slight Reverb only.

Snap 2: Solo with Reverb, Delay at 480, Chorus, Boosted Output level at end of chain.

Snap 3: Also solo, same settings as #2 but with a longer delay 520.

Snap 4: Similar to Snapshot #1 but with 480 Delay and 1/2 amount of boost.

Snap 5: Set for Clean tone, working on that, not done. Ignore for now.

Snap 6: Empty

Snap 7: Empty

Snap 8: Similar to Snapshot #1 but only with Flanger.


It's got to be something...

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It was operator error.  I was pressing down and holding instead of pressing and turning.  (Duh??)

Thank you for responding Silverhead.

I'm sure I'll have more questions as I discover more things.

Thank you again,

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Glad you got it sorted out.


Just going back to the ‘Trails off’ situation…… As I mentioned you will hear the FX trails if you have it set to Trails On. The amount of trail you hear is defined by the FX settings. For instance if I want to hear more trails on a delay FX I would increase the FX Feedback or Mix parameters,  not the Level parameter.  Note that this adjustment would apply to the FX as long as it is turned on, not just when you turn it off. In other words you will hear the increased delay FX all the time, not just when it’s trailing.

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Yep... that makes sense.

I do have a few other questions to ask.

I got my 8 snapshots set up as mentioned.  This is for when I want to run the Helix LT into an effects loop of an amp head and cab to have on stage.

If I wanted to run a signal to the front of house PA, I'm guessing that I would need to duplicate everything from Path 1 into Path 2 but adding an amp and cab to Path 2, and making sure Path 2 is set for XLR out...for all the 8 snapshots.  Is that correct? 

I'm guessing that Path 2 would not be used at all if I didn't have any XLR's plugged in the Helix for when I don't want to go to front of House...so Path 2 is not active then?

Would this also work if I ever wanted an actual amp behind me plus a powered speaker in front like a monitor?  I'd have to edit Path 2 for either FOH or FRFR?


One last thing, say I want to use a FRFR speaker in front of me only.  My snapshots are build with an actual amp in the signal.  If I wanted to use a FRFR, I'd have to edit ALL 8 of my current snapshots by adding in an amp/cab block right?  Is there a way where I can leave my current 8 snapshots as is for an actual amp set up and build 8 others for FRFR?


I'd like to hear suggestions on the best way to make this happen.  





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Good questions. Since you are new to the forum allow me to make a suggestion. Rather than extending an existing thread to ask new questions it’s better to start a new thread for each question. That way you will get more clear and focused replies, making it easier for people to see the new questions and reply. Notice that the title of this thread has nothing to do with your new questions. People who look at threads based on their title won’t see your new questions, or won’t be interested in responding.


You have at least two new questions here. Start two new threads and choose meaningful titles.

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