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Midi synch with the M5 stompbox modeler


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I am wondering if I can midi synch with the  M5 Stompbox Modeler? I want to use the delay but rather than tapping the tempo, or using the tempo adjust, i want to have the stompbox automatically synch with my Boss RC-50 loop pedal.

I know for a fact you can do this with Strymon Big Sky Reverb for instance.
Has anyone tried this?

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Currently I am using the midi function to synch a Selah Quartz Tap Tempo pedal with my M5. I never liked the M5 tap tempo feature, so I decided to try this MIDI-TAP TEMPO Unit. It was very easy, just plugged in a MIDI cable between the two. No further configuration. Now, I know that in some cases you must declare first which MIDI channel are you using in both devices (Say 1, 2, 3). The Selah pedal also stores "PRESETS" so I can have for example 5 presets with 5 different BPM in each one. I simply switch between them and my M5 switches between each one. In this case I am not only using the TAP feature, but also the MIDI CHANGE feature. 


So in short, yes you can do as you've stated. 

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