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Use Amplifi75 with Helix Floor


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I've had my amplifi75 for over a year now and it has some nice features as a stand alone amp but I can't seem to be able to use my Helix Floor along with it.

For the past year I've had to use a separate amp with my Helix Floor and the Amplifi75 to play music I am practicing with because the Amplifi tones and Helix Floor patches seem to clash.

Essentially the Amplifi75 has become a glorified bluetooth speaker for me.


How can I use my Helix floor patches through my Amplifi75 without the tome clashing (having the Amplifi75 add effects on top of my Helix patches)

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Hi funnbobby,


I have a similar setup to you, I have an Amplifi 150 and POD HD500x. These days I mostly use the pod pedal for all my effects and amp modelling, and leave the amplifi as a foldback or FOH speaker depending on the situation. I created a patch for the Amplifi called FRFR (Full Range Frequency Response) which has all the effects off except reverb, which along with EQ I can control from the physical controls on the amp. I saved this patch to 1A so it automatically selects it when switched on. 


My signal chain is Guitar -> POD Guitar in -> POD headphones out -> Amplifi Guitar in.


I used this setup in the pit band for a musical I played in, with the XLR outs on the POD going to the FOH mixing console and the Amplifi acting as my foldback. I had separate patches on my POD for my Strat, Maton and 12 string, each with their own inputs so no plugging and unplugging of cables was required. It worked perfectly for 15 shows and I continued to use the same setup for at home. 


With this setup you still have the functionality of the Amplifi if required, but you'll be primarily using the better effects processing and modelling from the pedalboard, in your case the Helix. 


Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any questions and I will do my best to answer.

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