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Spider 4- 75 amp updates with which board?

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I wanted to make sure that I am going to purchase the correct board specifically for updating my Spider 4- 75 amp using Monkey. I have an old laptop that still runs Windows 10 with Monkey installed.  I believe I am good to go with all the amp and board updates.  I've already hit the Line6 updater links to update the FBV3 board that I have. 


From what I have been able to research and according to a Line6 support ticket, I need a MK2 device to update the amp.


My questions are:

Will ANY MK2 device work on my amp just to update it using the Monkey software?  If that is the case, then it's either a MK2 shortboard or Express pedal.

I have an FBV3 board and it's seems to work from what I can remember.  I took several years off from playing and I can't recall if it will be able to switch channels, settings, wah and volume, etc.  


I'm looking for the cheapest option to update the amp and if I can still use the FBV3 since I already have it.  If the FBV3 works fine and if I can score a used MK2 pedal cheap, I'll stick with the FBV.  If not, I can just sell the FBV3.  If I do sell it, don't I need to "unregister" it from my account or something to allow the buyer to do updates, etc?

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What sucks is that I do have the FBV3 board which works but it won't update the amp.  It will only do volume and not the wah.  Not sure if I have to set that in the software application for that board.  ( I have to look and see).  


I try to pick up an MK2 used and sell my FBV3 at a guitar show this weekend.

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