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  1. Thanks Triryche. Not for the first time you have given me the right answer, and sorry for the late reply. The thing is I contacted support some time ago, clearly stating that I was using a firewire interface. I've been going backwards and forwards trying out their suggestions but off course, none of them were ever going work. I actually discovered this myself just before I saw your post only minutes ago. I read it in one of the podfarm 2 download notes. I don't use a Daw, but I will try a vst host. If that doesn't work, I will just forget about podfarm. I already have much better sounding amp sims that work perfectly in standalone with the Maudio firewire interface. I only wanted to use podfarm for the Bass amps. I seem to remember the bass amps sounding pretty good, and I don't have many bass options in my current amp sims. Yes you are right about my podfarm 2. It was an upgrade. when I first got the toneport, it came with gearbox gold. Cheers.
  2. Thanks Gaz. That's good to know. Now I need to investigate why it's not working.
  3. Hi. I've just reinstalled podfarm 2 after a lengthy break. I have a toneport di but I only want to use it as a dongle. I should be able to use the 1814 for podfarm standalone right? I did purchase a podfarm 2 license. Thanks.
  4. Well, all the presets are on my computer so I have loaded them in myself. Just can't understand that whenever I uninstall and then reinstall,there are no presets loaded by the install.
  5. Hi. I've been using pod farm 2 for a couple of weeks with no problems. Both stand alone and as a vst plug. Tonight when I openend up stand alone, all the presets were gone. Same for vst plug. I've uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times and still no presets. Anyone got any ideas? It says default, where I think the presets drop down was. All the individual components are there. Thanks.
  6. Should podfarm plugin work with a 88.2 sample rate? Thanks.
  7. Yes, you were spot on. I was hearing too much of the dry signal to notice the podfarm processing. Once I remembered how to send the dry signal without having to hear it, It became apparent that all was well. Many thanks.
  8. Getting somewhere and would you believe it, it was a matter of turning on a software switch in the VST host. Audio engine on or off. The only way to see that info though is to place the mouse over it. It then came back to me that I overlooked that before. After 5 years though, I'm allowing myself that one. Ok, so now the Podfarm plug is now seeing input and output but the next problem is only dry audio is coming back. nothing is being processed by podfarm. The tuner works but thats all. Any idea guys?
  9. Standalone works great. I don't think the problem is anything to do with the line 6 stuff. All my line 6 stuff still works great. Even my Variax 500. Still going strong. Yeah, guess you are right and I need to start again. Was really hoping not to do that so thought I would see if it was something obvious that ive missed. Thanks for the replys though. Cheers.
  10. Wondering if the computer is the culprit. I had it all working great on a pentium 4 but this is an Intel Core 2 CPU, E6750 @ 2.66Ghz.
  11. Thanks guys. Blown away by the speed of response. I have a toneport di but just use it as a dongle. Yes, everything is licensed and authorized and using Asio. The reason it has to see the sound card is because that's where the inputs coming from. Say I'm playing bass, I route the bass from my recorders adat out to the sound cards input. Then I open up podfarm as a plug and connect it in software to the sound card. The Sound card shows my bass but Podfarm doesn't. I used it this way for several years and it worked great. Only ever record the Di, and monitor podfarm sounds which I could change to suit. I realise it must sound like a strange way of doing things, but my thinking is always " if it aint broke" The thing is, It is broke at the moment.
  12. Hi. Probably to much to ask but thought " you never no" I'm using a Stienberg vsl2020 sound card in a xp computer. A thing called Console which is a Vst plugin host and the latest Pod farm software. For recording, I use an Akai DPS24 hardware recorder. I've recently changed computers,so maybe there lies the answer because on my previous computer exactly the same setup worked perfecty. I use the Adat outs from the Akai to the sound cards Adats in and the sound cards Adat outs back to the Akai Adat in. Open up console, select podfarm as the plug and then connect podfarm to my sound cards in and out. The sound card sees the output level from the Akai but Podfarms input is getting nothing at all. I should also point out that although I had this working perfectly on another Computer, It was 5 years ago when I last used it and its a pretty good chance its user error. Really not expecting an answer to this as its such an old and unusual setup, but thought I've got nothing to loose by asking and you never no. Thanks.
  13. Hi. I own a Toneport Di Gold and also purchased Pod farm 2. I haven't used it for several years but am getting ready to install it on a different computer with a fresh copy of window XP Pro. Obviously windows has moved on a bit since XP but I would still like to use XP. Even with my sticking with XP, is it stil best to use all the latest software or is there no point to this. I would find it very helpful to hear anyone's opinion on the best way to go about putting Pod farm 2 on my PC please. I do still have my original Gearbox disc but did read somewhere on this forum that it wasn't advisable to work my way up to Pod Farm from Gearbox. Thanks in advance. Tony.
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