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60w or 100w? (can't decide)


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I can't decide to go with the 60w or the 100w. I mostly play in my room and went digital with the line 6 LT (Hot rod deluxe George Benson too loud to get the tones I want). Now I'm looking for an amp in the room feel + in combination with the line 6 LT. 

I kinda want the midi, but I'm afraid the 100w is too loud for my use?

Will I miss out on functionalities(midi) if I'm going for the 60w version?


I like to know your thoughts :))
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The 60w supports MIDI via USB (though no 5-pin MIDI support). And, yeah, 100w is overkill for your room. Of course you could turn it down, but why pay extra $$ for volume you won't need? What do you want MIDI for, and would MIDI via USB be good enough (send MIDI via iPhone, computer, or USB footswitch/controller). These days, USB controllers are plentiful.

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I bought the 60w, as I already have a PowerCab 112 +, and figured I just want a simple 'plug and play' amp. And the 60w is definitely that. 

But I can't help but wonder why they couldn't have put a 5 pin MIDI port on the 60 - there's plenty of room for it, the 60 is actually not that much smaller than the 100. 

So now I'm wondering about for a swapping 100w instead - although as soundog says, 100w (regardless of using the attenuation switch) is probably far too big for home use, which is where I plan to use it


My question is though, can anyone help explain exactly what I can do with the USB MIDI port on the 60?


- I don't want to hook it up to a laptop or a phone, as I only want to use MIDI to access the full range of Catalyst presets so the MIDI controller needs to be foot activated.

- But I cannot find anywhere a USB B to 5 PIN MIDI cable. In fact from what I can tell such a thing doesn't exist. When I get home I will try a USB A to 5 PIN cable with a USB A - USB B adapter, but my research tells me that won't work even before I try it :o(

- I also can't find a MIDI foot pedal that will take a USB A to USB B cable (the same cable I would use to send MIDI signals from my MacBook)


Can I get MIDI in to the 60w using the USB port using a footswitch or does the USB MIDI on the amp mean I really am limited to using it with a computer or mobile?


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The disappointment of compromise lasts far longer than the memory of the purchase price.


I bought the 60 believing I could plug in my Nectar Pacer MIDI footswitch. I couldn't - not without a MIDI host box that cost more than the price difference of the 100 HX. So, I upgraded and am very happy! Still struggling a bit with programming the Pacer (I am a guitarist after all...) - but I can already choose from the 12 presets, turn boost and effect on and off, even change some of the knob settings with an expression pedal.


As far as I can tell, the 1/2 Watt setting isn't a proportion of total wattage, unlike 50% and 100% settings, so there is no difference in that respect between the 60 and 100. What you do get is an extra 40 Watts if you ever need them, a dedicated MIDI DIN socket, and the satisfaction that you didn't compromise for a relatively small amount of cash. I find that the size difference is barely noticeable.

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