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path with two splits and merges


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Hi experts.

I have an issue, as I will like to create two splits and two merges in one path in a Helix Rack preset.

Is that possible?

The first split and merge I need to make because I need to split only one channel from a stereo digital signal(and this seems to be the only wat to split only the left signal from a digital stereo signal), and the next split and merge because I want to be able to add som reverby delay to my signal, as a "send".

please see the attached file.

Patch Helix rack.png

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Unless I am missing something, that first split is actually redundant and not required. 


The 2nd split has to keep the left/right separate... so why not just use that as the split. 


EG: Stereo Input > Stereo EQ > SPLIT > (place volume on each path here) then continue on your existing chains.

If the VOLUME is actually shared... just place a stereo volume block after the Stereo EQ then split. 



Why are you doing that first merge just to go through an EQ?

Obviously that EQ is stereo.... you could just do away with that merge and place 1 mono EQ on each path. 

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Thank you for your reply, Bass and Coda.

the first split and merge is only to filter out one channel form the stereo digital signal, and make it into a mono signal. And the only way I have found to do this, is to create a split. I would much prefer a block to do this. and my problem is that once I have created one split that whole horisontal line can not be used to anything else.


Just to fill you in with my task. I want to use the Helix as a dual stereo vocal processor. and as there is not two balanced inputs, the best way to input the helix is by digital, so I will have one vocal on channel 1 (left) and another on channel 2(right). and I want to process them separately, both with two horisontal lines one used as a "send" the other as a direct processor, so I can not afford to use a whole line just for separating the channels.


The first EQ is a generic EQ, that will not be automated by presets and snapshots.

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