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Is there a way to let effect die out after switching it off?


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I noticed that when switching off a certain effect, say the multitap effect (or any other echo/reverb effect for that matter), the active part instantly gets cut off. Perhaps most of the times this doesn't matter too much, but it would be great to have some control over it. Ideally I'd like to be able to let the old effect 'run its course' and not instantly be cut off.


I do understand that DSP power could hit a ceiling when there is a lot of dying-out effects still active. But as long as I'm switching off effects, I don't think that DSP will hit its limit.


Instead there could be an option to cut off the old effect when I engage a new effect. Would such a setting be possible?





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  • BarkingSpiders changed the title to Is there a way to let effect die out after switching it off?

The FX blocks have a parameter called Trails. It can be set to On or Off. You want On. (see manual pg 25)


Also, the DSP required for an FX block does not depend on whether the FX is on or off. The DSP required for the block is allocated when it is added to the preset.

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