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Podxt Issues


Hello. I recently got one of these to compliment my XtLive, however I've got a couple of issues with it. Firstly although it works fine effects wise the tuning facility does not activate, almost as though the button is dead. A bit of research suggested that it may be a driver issue so I ran Monkey (1.62) to see what's what. Firstly it said my drivers were out of date so I attempted to install these. It said it was successful but when I ran Monkey again it said my drivers were out of date?? I updated again and restarted my pc. Now it says I have no drivers installed and I need to update! Tried this again but no change. I can get Edit (3.06.1a) to recognise the Xt and modify tones etc. but Monkey still says I need to update. And the 'tune' button is still inoperable. Windows 7 pc by the way and usb connected. Any suggestions gratefully received - not much hair left to pull out!!



UPDATE:- Played around with it a bit more and solved the tuner issue. I hadn't noticed that the 'MOD' button was pressed in all the time. It was stuck down for some reason and after freeing that off the tuner function was available. The driver update or lack of it still persists, although the POD still talks to my pc thru 'edit' with no problems. I have added and removed tones without a hitch.


 I was disappointed not to find an 'aux' input on this when it features on almost every other model. I find jamming along to an mp3 player useful when learning new stuff especially thru headphones. So for my next question - is there any way I can input an external player like the xtlive does?

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The clue is in the title "PodXt issues" not the 'live' version. What I'd like to know is how other users have got over the 'no aux input' situation. The favored option seems to be to use a mixer of some kind, but if anyone has tried another method, speak up!

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