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toe switch not bypassing/activating wah


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this worked fine for a long time.  I know to push down hard.


I have bypass assign for wah set to exp toe/switch


the exp pedal does adjust the wah, but i can't turn the way on or off wtih the toe switch anymore.  on all presets


Any help would be most appreciated.


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I had that happen to me a few years ago.

No matter which preset I was in, whether an old one or brand new, no wah block would function correctly.

Sometimes it would not engage at all.

Sometimes it could not be turned off.

It wasn't a bad switch.
It turned out to be something I had inadvertently changed at some point in global settings but I can't remember what that was though.

I was new to Helix and it seemed truly arcane to me at the time.

It frustrated me because it seemed like there was no logical reason for such a setting to even exist, whatever it was.

Again, I cannot remember which setting it was but once I fixed it I never had to deal with it again.

I suggest you dig around in your global settings.

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