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Seems to be clipping?


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Check the noise gate on the Input block. Start by turning it off to see it that is the culprit. If so, adjust the settings to give a more pleasant result. If not, check the FX blocks for something similar, like an Autoswell block.

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Checked the Noise gate, that preset wasn't using one.. Weird... happened to notice that when I strummed hard, my Sennheiser wireless receiver ever so slightly turned red for a milli second. The input level was set at +3db... I usually have it set at -9db (it adjusts in increments of 3) Looked at the transmitter and it was set at +27 (YIKES). I'm guessing that on the transmitter, while trying to turn it off or on I pushed enough buttons to boost that signal a bit... I'm going to talk to our sound company this evening. Our last gig we had some radio interference from a wireless router on stage for a presentation.. He "figured out" how to make my rig find a free frequency. I didn't have any problems last gig, but those settings were way off... Once I put them back the way I had them, my problem was fixed and Crisis Averted!


Also put the noise gate back on the "Classic Rock" preset I've built, and no issues... (Whew!!)


Thanks Silver for the quick response. gave me a great starting point. 

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