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POD Go Wireless Into Princeton Reverb


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Hi Guys,


Apologies if this stuff has been covered before but i want to narrow it down to my specific setup. Appreciate any help you can give.


So ive recently bought a Princeton Reverb, amazing sounding amp but id like to use some Overdrive, Delay, Chorus and a Looper. Now i really dont like traditional pedals with cables everywere (im limited for space) So i read some stuff and thought id get the POD Go wireless and use it as a multi effects pedal/looper straight into the princeton (no effects loop)


Received the POD GO today and ive created a profile with what i think il need effects-wise, i have turned off the amp and cab sims and put them at the end of the chain (see photo). The issue is when using it sounds bad, it makes the princeton sound very trebely and weird and not at all what it should sound like without the POD Go.


Have i got the wrong end of the stick and not using it properly, can it actually do what i want it to do? I bought it used for a really good price so i dont have an issue selling it on.


Thanks all




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On 6/22/2022 at 6:16 PM, silverhead said:

Make sure you are using the Amp Out from the Pod GO to your amp input. See manual pg 7 item #20. Page 8 (physical setup) will also help.


@Ashman86by all means try this but I'm not sure if this will make any difference as the amp & cab are turned off.  The manual says:


"AMP OUT This unbalanced output is meant to send directly to the front of your guitar amp. By default, it reflects the same output as the MAIN outputs (except in
, but it can be globally switched to be tapped off directly before the Cab/IR block. This way, you can send a cab-emulated signal to your mixer (or FRFR speaker) while simultaneously sending a non-cab-emulated signal to your guitar amp."


So unless you want to send a cab emulated signal out to the mixer or an FRFR, which you can't do with the Princeton anyway, as far as I can see there's no difference (other than a mono signal). 


I'd suggest using the Main Out but moving the delay to after the chorus.  I'm not sure if the white block is the EQ; if it is, I'd place the looper after it so it's at the end of the signal chain. The EQ can be set to cut the high end and add bass and mid frequencies, so I'd use the EQ to help you get a better tone.  Also check that the tube screamer isn't set with too much treble. 


However, check first that you've set Pod Go's Global Settings 'in/Outs' to 'instrument' and not 'Line'.  If you're set to Line it might account for the more trebly tone.   


" Main Out Level: Choose “Line” when connecting the MAIN OUT jacks to powered speakers or mixers; choose “Instrument” when connecting to stompboxes or the front of guitar amps. When using a single speaker or amp, connect only the LEFT/MONO 1/4" jack.

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