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Xdv35 mics

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Hi all


i am thinking of getting 5 xd v35’s for my drama group.  Don’t really want to use the lavalier mics included, so looking to get a few condensor headset skin coloured mics.  Would these work ok with the xd’s, or do they need powering?  Apologies for lack of knowledge, but I’m fairly new to this.


I know I’m going to have to replace the connectors on the end, as I can’t seem to find any with 1/4” jacks.  

I’ve already got an xd v35 handheld mic.  I take it this will count as one of my “6” I can use at once?


many thanks

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The microphones are the transmitters and yes, they need battery power. Your existing xd-v35 mic will work. However, I believe that wireless mic systems are not generally interchangeable between manufacturers. You can’t necessarily use, say, a Shure wireless mic with your Line 6 receiver. 

I’m not sure whether there are certain mic/receiver combinations that are compatible among manufacturers so I hope others will corret me if I’m wrong, but you shouldn’t assume that a non-Line 6 wireless mic will work with your xd-v35 receivers.

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