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Vetta Init Chanl What Is This On My Screen?


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Has it been working OK or did you just get it?

As a rule of thumb, the first thing to look at for any sort of software problem is the battery. That is unless you know it's good and not the problem.

The firmware uses the battery backed DRAM to boot up. If it has random garbage data in there due to a dead battery then it just goes haywire.  

Today they use flash memory for that sort of thing so you don't need battery power but back when the amp was designed, flash memory wasn't so common and standard practice was to use battery powered DRAM.

A fresh battery is good for several years, it's just a PITA when it goes down. To replace the battery the amp has to be taken apart enough to access the main circuit board. They used a soldered in board mounted battery holder but it would be easy to relocate the battery to allow outside access for future changes.      

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Always worth trying an O/S reinstall.

I wouldn't even do that unless I first knew that the battery was good to go.

Attempting to update the firmware is risky business if the system isn't 100% up to snuff. It's just way too easy to brick the amp and get yourself further into the hole than you were to begin with.   

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I disagree, but hey that's just me.  I have seen the Vetta come back from some really stupid things with an OS re-image.  Not saying not to have the battery checked if Monkey won't recognize the amp or something, but I have never heard of a battery causing the OS to not take unless it was bad enough that the image wouldn;t even try to take.

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