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Output separate SPDIF 1 and 2 signal from Helix rack


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I record my Helix output to Reaper via Focusrite 8i6 using SPDIF. I prefer to go all digital to avoid going back and forth between analog and digital. I also prefer not to use both the Focusrite and Helix as audio interfaces simultaneously because I use a PC and have heard that there are common issues with ASIO4ALL (please correct me if you have had a different experience doing that).


I want to record both a dry and a wet track digitally. On both the Focusrite 8i6 and my DAW (reaper) I can select SPDIF 1 and 2 separately but I cannot seem to find a way to output a path to either SPDIF 1 or 2 in Helix, just both 1-2 together. It seems like Helix bunch them together so when you choose digital output, and select SPDIF for digital output in global settings, you automatically get SPDIF 1 and 2 together. I realize that I can just use the Helix audio interface and record the dry path via USB 7. The issue is that I sometimes record acoustic guitar takes on four tracks - dry digital, wet digital (processed thru helix) and with two microphones. To do that I think I would either have to use both the Helix and Focusrite audio interface (which seems problematic with a PC) or figure out a solution to my question - how one could send separate SPDIF 1 and 2 outputs from Helix.


Is there a workaround? Am I missing something? Have I reached the outer edges of the vast Helix universe?


Your thoughts on this are much appreciated. Thank you.


- Johan

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