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JTV-89F Dull "A" string - Pickup or tuning or ????

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I'm new to electric guitars and got a used (JTV-89F) from a musician who barley played it. It looks like it just came out of the original box. I restrung it with new strings just to ensure it was ready to play and have it paired with a Boss Katana 50 MK II (sorry - it was the best amp available locally in Okinawa ;) ). I'm pretty sure I reset it to factory defaults following the steps outlined in the forums. I rolled it back to the original firmware and then updated it to the latest. The Line 6 Monkey shows all updates current. When I strum the guitar it sounds great/awesome - when I pick the strings individually the "A" string just sound like it has lower output/volume regardless of which selector I have it on or which model I play.  I've tried multiple settings - even tried modifying just the "A" string with the Workbench HD and nothing seems to help.  At first I thought it was the pickup but then it seems if that were the case I would get different results when I change the selector switch from 1 - 5.


Appreciate any feedback/recommendations.

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Each Model will sound different according to the guitar it was modeled from, including any quirks

associated with that model of guitar. Changing toggle positions will change the sound, check the

Model Gallery in the manual for that.


Set-up can play a part in it as well, you may want to have that checked and dialed-in if needed.


Matte ne.

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I appreciate the advice - I'll give it a try but changing the toggle positions doesn't seem to have an affect on the "A" string's volume regardless of which model I try. It does change the sound...just not the volume. I'll take it to a local guitar shop and ask them to take a look if I can't figure it out. It was definitely an interesting hour or two just tunning it for the first time after I put the strings on. I watched about 10 or 15 different videos on setting up a guitar with the Floyd Rose Tremolo.

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Thank you - I just found what was causing the issue after rolling back to the oldest firmware and then installing the latest firmware. There was a setting in the Menu called "Global String Settings" and the "A" string was 1db off from all the others.


Unfortunately I don't think we have a Line 6 authorized service center here in Okinawa...looks like Tokyo is the closest...I guess I could have sent it through the postal system. 

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