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JTV-89 On Board Controls with VDI

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I have a JTV-89 and have tried plugging it into a Helix LT, Pod XT 3 Live, as well as the Variax AB box and power supply with a TRS cable.  In none of these instances have I been able to use the onboard knobs to control the guitar model or tuning, the guitar apparently reverting to the magnetic pickups.  I have gone into the device and turned off forced modeling with no change.  Oddly enough, everything worked fine with my old HD500, which I traded in to get the Helix LT, which doesn't seem to do the trick. 


Any idea of what I might be doing wrong?

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Have you tried pressing down on the model selector knob. That's what you do to switch between the magnetic pickups and the models. If that doesn't work, there are instances of that knob being set up in such a way that in pressing the model selector knob down, it doesn't push the shaft down far enough to engage the switch. What many people have done )including me) is carefully take the knob off and put a piece of paper in the hole where the shaft of the pot goes in. That then lets it press down far enough to engage the switch in the pot. Hope this makes sense. When the models are engaged, the model selector knob will be lit, if it's using the magnetic pickups, it will be unlit. Good Luck

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