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G50 (TBP12) Battery door needed!!!


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I see this has been an ongoing problem, but I need three (3) battery doors for my TBP12 transmitters, and nobody seems to have them.  Black duct tape will only last so long.  Clearly with the demand for this part, one could assume it's a weak point, prone to failure.  Has the TBP12 been discontinued, or is this a supply-chain issue?

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Hi there folks, I wanna move this thread back to the top, as I'm myself looking for a replacement door for the TBP12 transmitter, and it seems these doors still can't be found anywhere. What's going on there? The system is still listed and supported by Line-6, I could still buy mt G55 and TBP12 belt pack brand new to this day, yet if something breaks, we are left alone?

This is really hard to believe!


So, does anybody know what's the deal here? Are there any news?

I have contacted Line-6 directly, however I don't expect a satisfactory answer TBH.


Not being able to get this thing fixed would be so lame!

BTW I'm in Europe, so if anybody knows of a place over her, that sells these parts, that'll be so great. This fullcompass place that someone posted above is in the US, which makes things even more complicated.


Hoping to hear from you with some good news :)


Thanks, take care

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