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Which Variax has the most features, such as effects, tunings, instrument emulations and so on?


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I've searched for the answer to my question but have yet to find a definite answer. Perhaps there isn't one! I am an old retired guy who has tinkered with music for over 50 years. Common sense tells me that the number of good years left is relatively small. So, while I still can, I want to treat myself to what will be to me a very expensive luxury: a Variax guitar. 


Those of you who are retired and draw only a little social security payment will understand. I have to be very careful with whatever I buy, and a Variax is a stretch...but I really need some smiles in my life. From what I've read, the James Tyler models may be what I'm looking for. However, I have seen models listed on the Line6 website that I can't find available to buy online, such as their rockabilly model. 


I hope some of you kind folks will let me know about the maximum bells and whistles and any other advice about buying a Variax...or not buying one! Thanks!! 

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Encoders have the same number of positions on all of the JTV, Standard and Shuriken Variax guitars.

Models are the same, though the Shuriken comes half regular models and half Stevic McKay artist models,

and one can re-Flash to default models, then back to artist models as one likes,... only with the Shuriken.


Alt Tune on the 89/89F and Shuriken are different than the others.


"R-Billy" is the rock-a-billy slot on JTV's, part of the regular selection that comes with it.


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