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Footswitch capacitive touch to select, hold to assign, not working properly


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This one is tedious to explain but I can reproduce the issue consistently.

If I turn on the HX Stomp XL and it is in Stomp Footswitch Mode, I can press View and go into Edit Mode.


While in Edit Mode, I can simply touch a footswitch to select any effect assigned to it. If I touch and hold, it will ask if I want to assign to that footswitch. It works for all 6 footswitches (naming 1:bank up, 2:C, 3:D on the top row and 4:bank down, 5:A, 6:B on the bottom row).

If I go back into Stomp Footswitch Mode from Edit Mode, then hit the Mode footswitch and go into Preset Footswitch Mode this is where I can cause the issue. If I press (not touch) to select any preset assigned to footswitches C, D, A, or B (even the preset I’m currently on) and then go back into Stomp Footswitch Mode, and then into Edit Mode, then whatever footswitch I pressed will not work for selecting or holding to assign. So if I pressed 2 of the footswitches those exact 2 won’t work, same if 3, or 4.

I have to turn the HX off and back on and then all footswitches work again in terms of selecting and assigning in Edit Mode. Is this an issue or am I doing something wrong? Can anybody reproduce this? Thanks for any help!

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Not happening on my HXS, maybe an XL thing?

While you're waiting for an XL person to reply, SOP for wonky behavior - back up your presets and do a Factory Reset:



If that doesn't work and nobody else has a solution, Support Ticket time!


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Probably not the issue but just in case something in your globals got changed after the update, also wanted to draw your attention to the manual entry regarding 'Stomp Select' under Global Settings --> Footswitches. Might be interesting to try testing after changing this setting from, for example "Both" to "Touch", or vice-versa.


"Stomp Select When set to “Touch,” touching a Stomp mode switch selects its assigned item(s), but pressing doesn’t. When set to “Press,” pressing a Stomp mode switch selects its assigned item(s), but touching doesn’t (helpful if you insist on playing barefoot). When set to “Both,” either touching or pressing will select the assigned item. The default is “Touch.”" 

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