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Connecting Hd500 To Reaper Daw

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Just wanting to know how to set the audio device.


I'm using a Windows laptop, so what is the audio system?  Wave Out, ASIO, Direct Sound?


When I hit ASIO a whole lot of fields require to be filled in, including a configuration screen.


Input and Output device are both set to HD500


Sample format?


Input and output channels are both set to 2.


Sample rate 44100Hz


Buffers 8 x 1024.


Is this all correct?


Is there more settings to configure to connect it to the HD500?







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In Reaper you should be able to select the HD500 and its ASIO driver as the audio input/output device. Once the HD500 is selected it should provide its values for the required information. You should not need to enter values manually unless you want to change the default values. And you won't need to do this unless you have performance problems.

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