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Expression Pedal and Footswitch Issue for the DL4 Mk 2

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I just purchased the new DL4 and like any good boy with a new toy I read the manual. 

I am attempting to connect a Line 6 expression pedal and a Bespeako VM20 unlatched footswitch.


I have 1 TRS Y cable with both pedals plugged in using TS plugs.


After reading the manual exactly, I am still not getting anything from either pedal or footswitch


What I am looking for is for the expression pedal to do just that and the footswitch to click between presses A, B, C and D, E, F




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Well, there’s two global settings to change. The one sets the function of the Pedal Jack, and the other defines what FS6 does. Setting FS6 to switch between the two banks isn’t an option, though. You can only set the on-board Tap footswitch to do that.

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Suggestion: They should 100% make it so that FS5/6 can control the bank change. It seems silly to delegate this only to the Tap switch. It would be nice to keep the Tap switch as Tap functionality so that you can see the tap tempo with a light, and (to a lesser degree) so the buttons actually function as they're labeled. It seems there are available "led colors" in the global settings to simply add one more function to FS5/6.


Example: I would love to keep stock functionality on board the DL4, then for a FS5/6 add-on, have the switches control bank change and looper (or any other available option). The current limitation seems arbitrary.

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