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3.5 Update stuck on Boot Failure screen


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On 11/8/2022 at 10:29 PM, Clapton39 said:

I am attempting to update to 3.5 and the Helix screen has been stuck on Boot Failure screen for 2 hours.  When I click on the HX edit, it says that it can't connect to device.  Any help is appreciated.


As noted in the Update Notes:

In a “failed state” HX Edit will not connect to your device.

Go here and follow the instructions


Hope this helps/makes sense.

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My Helix Factory Support Ticket Solution (Mac OsX for me) for frozen/unrecognized Helix 3.5 update- uses Line 6 Updater, Not HX Edit:


 What you'll need to try is run Line 6 Updater while your Helix is in safe boot mode. If you haven't installed it yet, here is the link for download-- 

Line 6 Updater v1.27 -- 

Once that's squared away, go ahead and follow these steps: 

- Re-start your Helix by holding foot switches 6+12 while powering on. The screen will remain blank or display "Entered Update Mode". 

- Reconnect your Helix to your computer via USB port, not a powered hub port or extender cable. Please ensure HX Edit is *not* open or running in the background. 

- Launch Line 6 Updater, sign in, and you should see an icon for your Helix. Click on it and follow the prompts to update to latest version (3.50). 

There are rare cases in which Updater might not see the Helix. If so, try booting up your Helix normally until the fail screen appears, then re-launch Updater. 

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