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Helix & Roland JC 120 / JC 40


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HI all, I am exploring stage options for my Helix, and thanks to some great people on this forum I have a several ideas !


My pre helix rig was effectively pedals into two Ac30's or two Jc120's (both hired) or two Jc 40's (which I own). 


So, what im now planning is using the Helix as an effects centre (bypassing the amp models), stereo out into the two Jc40's, or hired two Jc120's. Has anyone here had success with this type of setup ? Any gotchas ? Thanks again for all your help !

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On 11/30/2022 at 1:57 PM, ethyl80 said:

I used a solo JC120 for years with no problem. I upgraded to Stagescape towers only because I wanted more power than a single 2x12 AND basic PA abilities. Otherwise I would have gotten another JC 120. 

How did you find the presets (minus amp models obviously), translating into the JC ?

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On 12/1/2022 at 11:22 PM, ethyl80 said:

I didn't bypass amp models. Only very minor adjustments for playing through the JC120 compared to reference monitors and headphones. 


Did you plug into the front, or into the mains in back. (I have an old JC120. The mains may now be labeled as an FX return.)

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