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Occasional irritating malfunction XT Live

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I know this is a legacy unit BUT I still need it to function and use it on stage on many gigs. I also use it w legacy Variax guitars and it's suited for them. If anyone had this happen or if there's someone who's been round the world w this XT Live unit, please feel free to chime in.


The Problem:
I'm using a patch and happily playing away on stage and suddenly the LCD display will change all by itself, to the Amp Tone Controls, displayed in the window. I lose my patch tone in mid solo, it basically drops out, sounds like a weak plain nothing preamp or something w no effects or amps, and I have to stomp on the patch peddle again to get it back to snuff. It may happen several times in a row. Then it may not for quite a while. The picture below shows what should be a rockin' patch I made and named, but it's turned into this display and does NOT give the sound that's really in that patch. It's got me stumped and I'd like to try a fix. Any germane suggestions will be welcomed.  

I've opened this unit up a few times, had to fix a knob or replace/resolder some other easily fixed malfunction but I'm not really a techie (and can't afford a proper one, it's DIY over here. Necessity is the mother of invention). I tinker to save equipment from the bin and to save some ca$h. I'll open it up AGAIN and have another look to see anything obviously out of whack. Still this unit has worked for me for a long time. Thanks in advance. 

XT Live malfunction 1.jpg

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Sometimes the display changes because the device thinks a knob has been moved. This can be the result of minor floor vibrations rather than a conscious rotation of the knob. A solution can be to ‘park’ all the knobs at the min or max setting where they are less sensitive to vibrations.

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Yes thanks for chiming in. That's got me wondering about those knobs. Yeah maybe they "think" they've been touched to adjust the tones/volume etc. But when it resets into that nothing quiet sound, there's got to be something else going on. The display shows the right parameters for some good lead tone but it's not sounding like it at all, not when the fault happens.  In fact to test this I deliberately bumped one of those knobs w my foot while playing my patch and yes, this pictured display did temporarily show in the LCD window. But that didn't affect the tone at all. It's that mystery sound/tone dropout that's perplexing. When I can I'll open her up again and see if there's something that looks amiss.  

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@TheBeatnics I'm no expert in electronics, but I couldn't resist chiming in. I only have experience with a standard PODxt device, but it doesn't usually switch to this screen without toggling the "edit" button. Losing the tone like that, does it sound like you get into the tuner?


My point, really, is that it is probably not a single control malfunctioning, but may rather be a current spike or a drop in current that messes with the board. I would advise you to look for a dead/dying capacitor. I've never had to open a POD myself, but given their age, I would definitely look at capacitors. 

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