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My Helix wishlist regarding reverbs/ambient-/room-/studio-/hall-simulation


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The new cab upgrades are really great and they start to make to sound the Helix IMHO really realistic. The new reverbs are nice. But me as someone who picky in the beauty of sounds, especially regarding the 3D dimension (sometimes I think I would not be the worst tone engineer) I miss somehow a lot of abilities of the reverbs in the Helix. I know, if you want to make something better, you should start with eliminating the mistakes or telling, what should be better. One HUGE mistake of nearly all reverbs from the Helix is, that they DON'T mute/damp frequencies in a natural way. It challenges me all the time when I try to make a preset with a realistic sounding dimension (ambient, room, hall). You can take a look at how I struggled in the uploaded Helix presets "No ACDC:crunch!" and "No Ston: Crunch2". It would be possible make a downsize compatible discrete parameter like "damping profile". Just to give you inspirations for this: low frequency waves are having much more energy at same felt loudness. They are the way harder to damp. The damping could have a hull curve, simulating different room situations. Tiles will have a different curve than wood and a room with a lot of high or mid frequency traps would sound different like a Club, where maybe at least some lost of bassy waves come at last back as low mids. It would be really nice, if the damping in the reverbs would work somehow realistic, because IMHO it doesn't.



The other thing is: The existing reverbs sound nice in stereo. Not so very nice anymore in mono. I really wish all reverbs would have a Spread parameter (to reduce the stereo width). I do not want to ask for to much, but only to let you know: after the ability of determining the spread of the reverb it would be great, if someday the panorama position of the reverb spread center could be controlled. It would lead IMHO to what such modern DSP-devices should be: Not guitar-to-speaker-mic-simulators, but Guitar-to-master-record-simulators. Imho such DSP devices should be able to simulate up to direct recording.

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