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HX Stomp low volume on DI recording (output 5)


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Hi there

I often use my HX Stomp as recording interface into Ableton Live 10 and one thing I noticed is that when I'm recording a DI take using output number 5 the recording comes at a really low volume. 
I've been searching for a setting to fix that inside the HX preferences but I can't seem to find it.
Is it something common and can be fixed or is there something wrong with my stomp

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@Sylhead, there's nothing wrong with your Stomp. But I agree that the resulting audio waveform is anemic, especially if you need to do any sort of visual audio editing or Melodyne tweaking.  I wish their was a way to adjust the output level on USB 5. After recording, you can always put a gain plugin on the track and bounce it (or however that sort of thing is normally done in Ableton) to obtain a waveform that's more like what you're used to. Just do proper gain staging when processing through any other plug-ins to avoid any clipping.

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In Reaper, selecting the waveform and pressing UP ARROW while holding SHIFT zooms the wave form.

I tried to figure this out in Ableton v11 and found a video for v10, but I must be misunderstanding because it don't work in v11 the same as it works in v10.

I must admit though, I rarely use Ableton and I lose patience with Ableton's documentation quickly.

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