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Routing scenario.


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I'm considering upgrading from my HD500X, and considering the multiple input/output options, one of my considerations is to eliminate my Morley ABC pedal that I use to select between Wireless A, Wireless B, and Cable.

Is it reasonable to consider that I could route the output of Wireless A to Return 1, the output of Wireless B to Return 2, and have those footswitch assignable so that they precede the guitar input when on, and when each footswitch is off, that the guitar input takes precedence?

If so, then I could mount my G30 wireless receivers more discretely under the pedal board with the Freidman power supply, and have an overall smaller pedalboard footprint.

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The Guitar Input is only available as an Input Block, you can't place the Returns before it.


You COULD place a GAIN Block just after the Input Block, followed by Return 1 and Return 2 Blocks, and use Snapshots:

Snapshot 1/Cable - Gain 0db with both Returns BYPASSED

Snapshot 2/Wireless 1 - Gain -120db with Return 1 Active and Return 2 Bypassed

Snapshot 3/Wireless 2 - Gain -120db with Return 2 Active and Return 1 Bypassed

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