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Potential oversight by Line 6 with the channel volume option?


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So I've been trying to test out the pod go during band practice, and I had the Friedman amp loaded. My band mates kept mentioning that I was too low. (yes, I am aware that I can adjust the volume at the end of the chain. I just think our other guitarist was too loud, but I digress) 

But then I decided to load the SLO amp head instead. It is MUCH louder. From what I understand/know, they're both 100 watt amps, and I assume the same amount of headroom. 

The difference? The channel volume was almost all the way up (sort of) on the Friedman, but about "half way" on the SLO. I understand the master volume. It is suppose to represent and act like the master on an actual amp. But volume? Shouldn't they all be the same? 


The quandary that I am running into is that I also looked up a small Fender amp and that was also half way. Turned up the channel volume, gets to be real loud. Am I missing something? Again, I am aware that I can adjust the master and the drive/gain and all that but shouldn't they start at a base level for channel volume? Its odd to me that a small amp can be louder, to my ears, than another amp which SHOULD be louder in reality. 

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Think it has more to do with the potentiometer than the wattage.  With real electronics, sometimes 3/10 is really loud vs other times you have to get to 6/10 to get the same volume, and sometimes going form 7-10 yields barely noticeable volume increase vs giant increase.   Doesn't really have to do with watts, just the way the volume works.  Of course more watts has the potential to play louder, but the volume increase won't be directly correlated to the watts, ex; a 100 watt won't be 10x louder than a 10 watt, maybe I dunno like twice as loud;



a doubling of electrical power only yields an increase of +3 dB. Increasing the power tenfold will yield an increase of +10 dB and is a doubling of perceived loudness.


and yeah I think L6 tried to reproduce more how the original amp controls work, rather than having some sort of normalized volume for different amps.  But yeah I'm guessing that at the same time, at max volume, all amps should have similar volume outputted from the Go, like I wouldn't make much sense if you required a 100W amp to get decent volume out of the Go!

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